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See every side of Thailand

To get a true sense of Thailand you have to see every side. The neon lights of Bangkok by night are a must see, but so are the great swathes of lush countryside from the cabin of the Eastern & Oriental Expre and,the gentle elephants of Chiang Mai. And of course the iconic idyllic beaches

Metaphors In Flowers In Thailand

For a lot of cultures, a number of flowers have significant meanings and this is also accurate in the nation of Thailand. Flowers> also play an important role in culture and one of them is the concept of supplying flowers to the hostess of a party or a similar event. Therefore, it is essential to

A Miracle Healing In Thailand

When we think about Thailand, what comes to mind is probably beaches, exotic places, sightseeing, and perhaps even Thai massage. However the healing story you are about to hear tops them all. People will always need healing from their various afflictions, and all cultures have their unique system of healing. People have always had problems