Laneway Bars In Melbourne – Little Peninsula – Review

Little Peninsula is an aptly named bar as it is very small and hidden away in Little Lonsdale Street amongst all the bigger streets in Melbourne’s CBD. While its secludedness may add some charm to the place for some people, it also makes it a very easy

Holidays To Thailand Travel Guide

Thailand is a constitutional monarchy in Southeast Asia that features a wealth of destinations for tourists. Tourism plays a major role in the Thai economy, with over 14 million tourists taking holidays to Thailand vacation in 2007. Japanese tourists form the largest visiting group to Thailand, with

Diving Similan Islands, Thailand

The word Similan is actually derived from the Malay word for nine – Simbilan. Comprised of nine granite islands that run from north to the south in the Andaman Sea off the western coast of Thailand, the National Park also includes Koh Bon, a limestone island