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Protein Bars Can Be Part Of A Healthy Lifestyle

The way to a healthy body and mind is through exercise as we are constantly told. In fact it is almost rammed down our throats from all angles, the press and media are a constant source of “encouragement” and now more than ever, the body beautiful rules. Whether this is a healthy stereotype is another

The Best Bars In The World – Tokio Hotel, Sydney, Australia – Review

Well, it may be a part of Home The Venue, but in no way is Tokio Hotel anything like it’s big brother next door. While Home draws the crowds of all teens and twenty-somethings across Sydney, Tokio Hotel draws a far more diverse group of people from businessmen to fresh clubbers.   Tokio Hotel hosts

Picking Up Girls in Bars Like Mystery

Picking up girls is all about finding something that can get you in the door. If you just approach a girl normally with a lame pickup line, you’re probably going to get shot down. If the girl you’re approaching isn’t that cute and you’re pretty good-looking, you can probably do whatever you want and still