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Because I love travelling and clubbing, I find the best thing to do in most cases is combine them and kill two birds with one stone. Bars and nightclubs in different cities can show you a side of the city you’ve never seen, and give you memories you will never forget. Whether it’s Sydney, Paris, New York, Shanghai, London or Ibiza, there are some countries which you have to go to in order to experience the world nightlife scene at it’s best.

Down under, Sydney, Australia offers clubbing for all budgets, styles, and music. When visiting Sydney’s Bars, it’s a great idea to get a taste of the different areas within the city and what they have to offer in terms of nightlife. Darling Harbour is a clubbing hotspot: with vibrant nightclubs such as Home Bar, Bungalow 8, and Pontoon Bar all available within walking distance of each other, this area is all class and energy. Kings Cross provides a different backdrop of dark streets, multi-level and underground nightclubs, which allow for countless nights of fun. For a truly great drunk night out, Hugo’s and Soho are the way to go. Also, at the heart of Sydney metro, George St mixes classy, elegant bars and nightclubs such as The Ivy and The Establishment with cheaper (but equally busy) locations like The Pavilion.

Moving up to the Northern Hemisphere, one of Asia’s nightlife centres lies in Shanghai, China. Shanghai’s quick development into the ‘next New York City’ has an equally quick development in terms of quality of nightlife. There is no other experience that’s comparable to clubbing along The Bund at night. Go into these nightclubs and you’ll be overwhelmed with elegance, style, and luxury: The Bund 18 is houses multiple floors for multiple parties, with chandeliers and class at the heart of the décor. Hop down to Pudong for a night at the Pudong Shangri-La penthouse bar for views you’ll never forget, or dive straight into Julu Lu (or Julu Street) for those cheap clubs that serve for an interesting night out.

Cross over to Europe next for a lifetime experience at the world’s most prominent clubbing location: Ibiza. Sun, surf, drinks, and music make up this island which is nicknamed the “Party Capital of the World”. You can find anything and anyone in Ibiza, and the party starts as soon as you land. During the day, check out the daytime bars and go to a morning session at DC10. Watch the sunset from one of the island’s bays, then hit the world famous clubs in Ibiza: Pacha, Amnesia, Space (arguably one of the best nightclubs in the world). Be warned though: Ibiza clubbers are crazy, and you’d better be prepared to let your wild side out while you’re there, otherwise you’ll simply fade into the background.

Lastly, we hit the world’s centre: New York City, “the city that never sleeps”. With this name, it’s no wonder that NYC still remains one of the hottest places in the world for clubbing. If you can’t make it to Ibiza’s nightclub Pacha, then no worries: there’s one on the waterfront in NYC which is guaranteed to be equally awesome. Cielo also offers waterfront clubbing and great events such as Dance.Here.Now and gives you a chance to see the infamous Meat Packing District. And if you can get in, hit up Bungalow 8 because…well, why not?

No matter where you are in the world, nightlife and clubbing are a way to explore into different cities and meet some locals over a common interest: clubbing, drinking, and parties. Just remember…you can’t really say you’ve been to a country until you experience its nightlife.


By Kelly Teng for Goldcoast Bars and Function Rooms

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