Why We Love Thailand?

The answer is not hard to forecast. The answer is the impression of the plentiful of food, culture and tourism. However, Thailand met with breakage of concept in politics in social.

So, I would like to make question with Thai people that what you are thinking about with this question.

For me the answer Thailand is the land of smile. Thailand is the land that I always love and warm. We are lucky that we have the majesty the king that great and refuge.

He takes care of living of Thai people. Besides, Thailand has a good culture and manner.  Thai people are full of kindness that are indentify of Thai.

But Thai people never use the lucky to be benefit. Thailand will success or not is not depend on only one people. But are from the participation of Thai people, more people generate to more idea that are normal.

Social that have different of idea can be walk together. But we have to use love and unity. If we have a problem we will go to make it. Thailand is a Buddhism country.

We mature by dogma that logic. But we have to cut selfish. And consider using your consciousness. You have to responsible of your duty of Thai.

You can different of Thinking but don’t become divided.  Thailand will become ware nice and growth. Even in the past we have the conflict of thinking.

But now we will see smile face appear on Thai people. Friendship still is in Thai. This is an important thing. This is cultivate when we was kids.

Finally, we are Thai even many things happen with Thai.  If you go to country side you will see smile is not go away. I think that event that happen is not concern with Thai people but it is a politics. Culture and identify of Thai still fine I can feel that. This is a reason that I love Thailand.

As of the Thai people we would like to invite all people to visit Thailand. See identify of our culture, see friendship of Thailand, see kindness of Thailand.

Even politic are will be but we are still same. As of Royal View Resort, we would like to welcome all guests and meet with our hospitality and warm welcome.

Best hospitality with friendly price and friendly staff are waiting for you. We are located in Rangnam Road. We will sure that if you stay here you will comfort to travel around Bangkok. Sky-Train can avoid traffic jam in Bangkok.




Editor’s Note:

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Royal View Resort, Rangnam, Bangkok

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