What Turns Asian Girls and Asian Women on

What impresses and turns on an Asian girl

Because of their upbringing what impresses an Asian woman and what is important to them is vastly different to what other women, particularly white American women, appreciate. If you had to sum up what Asian women like in a guy, as far as dating, picture Richie Cunningham of happy days. When you go out, at least on the first few get togethers with an Asian girl, pretend it isn’t the 1950s and you are Richie Cunningham and you should do just fine. Here is a list specifically of the things Asian girls like and appreciate and value:


being polite
being humble
being clean
dressing well
lightly wearing cologne or aftershave
pronouncing her name correctly
being well educated or intelligent
being well mannered
respecting if she doesn’t drink alcohol (50% of Asians are allergic to it)
respect and value of her family
respect her dietary habits
know a little bit about her culture
brings flowers on your first date
bring a small gift on your second date
if you eat at a restaurant make sure you tip
return her attempted communications (phone calls, etc) to you promptly
keep the focus on the conversation on her or her family
no public displays of affection
do not attempt to sleep with her on the first night
make sure she is aware that you are looking for a life partner or marriage eventually (but if it is the first or second get together with her do not say specifically you are looking to marry her)
tell her you only need one woman at a time
do not lie to her


If you look at the list at first it may seem very demanding in reality it is nothing more than being nice, polite, and respectful. Traits in a man all women appreciate. Traits that are twice as important to Asian women. If you like Asian women and do not yet have an Asian girl to be with you will certainly want to take a look at the list of Asian dating sites where you can find many single Asian girls that want a nice guy to be with.


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