Trick to Picking Up Women In Bars

They know they will get hit on and they usually sit around with their chick friends and make fun of all the lame pick up lines that guys use. Next time just look at that table of giggling girls. You can bet they are sharing some lame guy story. If you really want to pick up girls in bars or just get their number, you have to stand out. Not always easy to do.

Their defenses are already up because of the other guys that have been hitting on them. The competition is fierce when you are attempting to pick up girls in bars. It’s like 3 to 1, guys on girls. This means that before you even approached there were probably others before you and she knows there will be others when you are gone. Her defenses are already up and it’s really hard to stand out in the crowd when her mindset is already made up that men are all creeps.

A guy would love to be able to call his buddies the next day and tell how he picked up this really hot chick. Guys brag about picking up girls in bars, no doubt. Keep in mind this is not usually the goal of the girl. She wants to be able to call her girls the next day and talk about how she met this really great, funny guy who was different from the rest. He got her phone number and now she is anticipating his call. The white horse story so to speak.

In order to be successful with girls in bars, it is really important that you understand their mindset and how they think. They are emotional creatures and to be able to get past her guard, you really have to learn the skills of how to push those buttons. If you want to pick up a girls in bars, by all means it’s possible with the right tools.

Do you blend in with all the other guys? Learn what makes a guy stand out above the rest and attract the girls.

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