The World’s Best Bars – Soho Bar, Sydney, Australia – Review

If there is one place girls should go at least once when they go clubbing, it’s Soho.

For a start, the sheer ratio of guys to girls is a dream: while it’s not like walking into a men’s locker room, the first moments of walking into Soho feels like walking into a wave of testosterone. Add on the cheap drinks, cheap entry, and an energetic atmosphere, and you have an experience that everyone should try at least once.

I first went into Soho on a Friday night with no expectations, and arrived to a very long queue. Thankfully, the bouncers and the cashiers were very efficient at their job, and I quickly went from the back of the line to the front. As I walked through the entrance and told the girl my name for the guest list however, there was a problem…it turned out that I hadn’t been put on it, and I was asked to pay for entry. Long story short, me and my friends left Soho, were called back in, and I was allowed in for free…which was definitely a plus side to my experience.

Walking into Soho Bar is like walking into any other nightclub (excluding the amount of guys), but dancing in Soho is not like dancing in any other nightclub. Soho’s DJs ensure that the music is always enough to get the crowd going, and the people that go into Soho are always up for a good time. This means that there will always be a line at the bar, but also it means that the dance floor never gets tired. In the 4 hours that I was at Soho, the dance floor was constantly packed and filled with energetic (drunk) people, all looking to have a good time and dance.

On the note of hours, however, I must say this: at Soho timing is of the essence. Arrive too early and your first impression will be of an empty nightclub filled with drunk people. Anytime before 10pm is a no-go zone, and will make you hate the experience. Also, arriving completely sober at Soho Bar isn’t as enjoyable as perhaps having a drink or two beforehand (the lights and decorations look much cooler that way!). Around midnight is the best time to arrive for a few decent hours of dancing, without having to start on an almost empty dance floor.

Aside from the dancing, the people at Soho are generally either one of two types: really fun, or really seedy. A night at Soho can turn out to be a really great night, or a regrettable one, depending on who you choose to spend it with. As long as you enjoy your night out with a few good friends, Soho is an experience that will definitely be remembered as a good night.

By Kelly Teng for Cargo Bar and Slip Inn

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