Storybook Wedding, Phuket Thailand


The gorgeous country of Thailand covers only 354 square miles of land which are well populated. Tourism is their main source of income, and once you go there, you’ll know why. The picturesque islands that include Phuket are simply breath-taking. If you are planning a wedding, Phuket is the perfect place to have it. The island has much to offer in landscape and sporty fun just off shore, seclusion in some of the 19th century buildings that have been transformed in to hotels, and a wonderful nightlife. In recent years Phuket has been found by many couples looking for the perfect place for weddings and honeymoons. They have such a diversified culture with many different types of activities to suit all tourists. From gorgeous coral reefs to Phuket bars, it’s all there waiting for you.


Phuket Island is the largest of the islands of Thailand and is linked to the main land by bridge. The clear blue waters that surround the islands are so inviting. Under the water are beautiful coral reefs just waiting for you to jump in and explore. Phuket Island is generally divided in to districts called Kathu, Muang, and Talang. The Muang district is a terrific alternative to the very expensive West Coast beach resorts. Muang offers many very affordable hotels as well as shopping and restaurants. The buildings offer a Sino Portuguese style of architecture. It also offers a peaceful view of the bay dotted with the other islands and a lovely perch to over look the city. It offers the perfect place for planning a wedding, Phuket’s Muang district also offers the Phuket Aquarium, the Butterfly Garden and The Orchid garden and Thai Village. You will find a great variety of Phuket bars is a great place to plan your wedding and honeymoon.


The other Islands that make up Thailand are equally stunning and make the perfect back drop for romance. For holding your wedding, Phuket is awesome in all of its beauty and its many options for activities. You can stay hidden away in a beautifully architectured hotel for part of your trip, you can enjoy many water sports in the blue water, you can spend all day shopping the distinctive shops along the city’s sidewalks and in the evening you can enjoy some of the local Phuket bars has it all! You may want to take some time during your stay in the Kathu district. They offer very lively shopping options in the quaint little fishing village, which is quickly transformed into a bustling town with discos, cuisine from all over the world, clubs and Phuket bars is a great choice.


The Thalang district covers the Northern half of the island and offers many attractions for you to enjoy after your wedding, Phuket is such a wonderful place to visit. You can visit museums full of ancient artifacts and many interesting exhibits and a giant statue of gold, made in honor of Buddha. You will find waterfalls, a wildlife sanctuary, and even a rain forest. You can participate in many water sports from skiing to snorkeling and golf courses, or even a relaxing spa. Spend your evenings enjoying a wide variety of different cuisines and then hit the Phuket bars is a one stop shop for fun, romance, and a hopping party district. With something for absolutely any taste, hold your one special day by wedding, Phuket Thailand.

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