Role Models Then and Now

When my dad was growing up he really liked the “Lone Ranger.”

When I was growing up, I adored watching “Donny and Marie”, Tom Selleck in “Magnum P.I” (I even had a poster of him on my walls), and I was a big Amy Grant fan.

Today, my girls struggle to have good role models. They find a young girl that they really can relate to and start looking up to her – until they find out she has unflattering pictures posted of her on the Internet or she was caught in an uncompromising position.

What’s happened? What’s happened to our morality?

There is a big difference in the role models my dad had, to the role models our kids have today. Heroes used to model everything that was good and upright. It took a “true man” to fight for justice in an honorable way.

Women used to dress feminine but not trashy. And they were treated like ladies by the gentlemen surrounding them.

Today we have indecency in talk, clothes and attitudes. We have people in supposedly “role model” roles – that want to do whatever they can because they’ve “earned” it. They fail to see that millions of young children are watching them…. Or they just don’t care.

We can always look to someone else and call them the “problem.” We can accuse Hollywood for flaunting magazines in our faces and throwing bad language or casual ideals at us. But the real problem is US. We don’t know where to draw the line. We let the media around us tell us what we should have, who we should look like, and how we should act.

We need to learn from our past and let it guide us – teach us and show us where to go. We need to remember what happens when we fail to let God lead us and live a righteous life. It takes each one of us to take a stand and say, “That’s not right” and “I won’t let that influence come into my life or my children’s life. I’m going to teach them different.” Because we can say that – but look around you. How many families are truly teaching their children something different? Because from where I sit, we pretty much all look and act the same to me.

I want my children to have true role models and heroes. I want them to admire all that is good and honorable. You can laugh at the thought of the “Lone Ranger” but honestly – what is there to laugh at when you look at his character? What is laughable about Mr. Rodgers? He was a good man who cared deeply for the self-esteem of children.

I dream of a day when people embrace what is upright again instead of simply what is “in” and deemed “cool.” I long for well-known people to take their public stance seriously and use it as a platform to make this world better – stronger – and more unified. I hope for role models and heroes who show what it’s like to have character, morals, values, honesty, and integrity.

They used to be around – and they can be again.

It can happen. We just have to fight for it and stop condoning those who “miss the mark.” Because if we continue to allow immoral and indecent public figures to influence our lives, we are just as much at fault as they are.

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