Places To Go In Melbourne, Australia – Aviary Bar – Review

Located in Abbotsford’s hub of good bars and restaurants, The Aviary is one bird we don’t want let out of the cage. Whether you’re looking for some good honest food, or a place to have after work drinks The Aviary Bar has it all. With a predominately French and Asian take on Australian classics the kitchen is open till around 10. Get there around nine and enjoy some entree’s or one of their to die for deserts before you commence drinking. If you’re shying away from cold weather then the home-like decor is enough to make you feel comfortable and welcome.

Like walking into a sophisticated dining room, everything is simply chosen but with statement. For summer soak up the atmosphere in the beer garden and sneak in a few cocktail jugs while you let the afternoon turn into the evening. If you’re after a place to brush off the vintage dance shoes, then Saturday night at the Aviary is your scene, complete with a DJ using vinyls and a range of old school tunes. Drink prices are bar prices not pub and bar staff whip up some delightful concoctions. If you’re game for a cocktail jug try My Mother’s Ruin or the Wet Pussy shots with a twist of Vanilla Vodka. The age group at The Aviary Bar is predominantly older, ages ranging from mid twenties to late thirties and forties, depending on what time of the day it is. The crowd is friendly and cultured without being conceited. Just like decor the crowd is sophisticated. On the weekend the crowd tends to follow this demographic but during the week anyone can be found drinking in the beergarden.

Dress code is smart casual but make sure you dress a little grown up, the late twenties crowd doesn’t understand tube tops and rock boots. Security abides by these dress code rules which helps eliminate any trouble makers or riff raff, making the venue a pleasant place to start the festivities.

By Kat Pollard for Melbourne Bars and Function Rooms

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