Outdoor Rocking Chair Models

Classic Outdoor Rocker 


The classic rocker is of Swedish origin and dates back some 350 years. There were many styles to come out of the original designs, including the Adirondack, rustic, shaker, Salem, Boston, and Windsor rocking chair, but in general they all had similar characteristics.


A rocking chair starts out like any ordinary wooden chair, with a seat and backrest and maybe the addition of armrests. What makes them different from a normal chair is the addition of two curved rockers, one at the base of each of the two chair legs. What these rockers do is provide a fulcrum upon which the person sitting on the chair can rock back and forth using their legs to push off the ground.

Glider Outdoor Rocking Chair

History and Characteristics

Gliders are considerably newer than classic rocking chairs by about 200 years, dating back to the 1930s. This chair is actually a platform rocker in which the seat moves along a four bar linkage track across the base. The non-parallel suspension of the linkage gives the chair its back and forth gliding motion.


Some people prefer the movement of gliders to rockers, and they are especially popular in nurseries, where mothers use them to nurse and soothe fussy babies. They are also preferred by mothers because of the fact that the base is always on the ground, unlike the classic rocking chair, in which the rockers move up and down and can pinch children and pets underneath.

Swivel Outdoor Rocking Chair

History and Characteristics

By far the most modern looking and recent innovation is the swivel rocking chair. This model is of American origin, like the glider, and finds its roots in the 1960s. A swivel chair is unique in that not only can it rock back and forth, but it can also move sideways, which gives users a greater range of motion and ease when reaching for nearby objects. How it looks is that the seat rests upon a central leg. From here, it can swivel 360 degrees. The leg is then attached to a circular, weighted base so that the chair does not tip over.  

Buying Concerns

One of the things to consider when purchasing a swivel chair is where to put it. You will need more room than for a typical outdoor rocking chair with the added range of motion so choose a space that’s open on all sides.

Like the glider, the swivel chair has the advantage of a stabilized base, so there’s no risk of being pinched. At the same time, the swivel chair is the farthest away from the classic design of the rocking chair, so if you prefer a more traditional look, then this model may not be for you. 

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