Luxury Hotels in Phuket Thailand

At places like Serenity Terraces you’ll be surrounded by verdant forests, high hills offering beautiful vantage points, and coconut palms.  Almost immediately out the front door of luxury hotels in Phuket will be the beach and water.  If you choose luxury hotels in Phuket on the beach you may also discover a beautiful infinity pool.  Many of the luxury hotels in Phuket have infinity pools separated only by a wall from the ocean.  Still others have private wood decking with umbrellas surrounding their pool to ensure you have a place to eat, relax, and play.

Luxury hotels in Phuket will offer fine dining with local and international cuisine.  If you are not a fan of Thai you won’t have to worry since these hotels insure there is something for everyone to eat.  With a mixing of flavors and cultures even the restaurant at the hotels will be a cultural experience.  Cocktails right at the beach for sunsets and cocktail hour are easy to come by at the hotel.

The accommodations are only half your trip to a place like Thailand.  The trip should also be about adventure, learning new cultures, and enjoying the amenities one can find in a five star resort.  All the comforts of home such as internet, television, games, and business services can be found at Phuket Hotels.  Whether you need a personal secretary or just to fax a few documents, the business services will be there to aid you.

A full spa with full body treatments, scrubs, and facials adds to the comforts.  It is possible to spend the entire day in the spa relaxing and rejuvenating.  If you prefer private treatments it is possible to arrange those through the spa.  Even a couples spa day can be arranged for a more romantic and peaceful vacation.

Water sports in Phuket are part of the reason to take a trip to Thailand.  Thailand is well known for its scuba diving locations.  Shallow reefs, tropical fish, sea turtles, and much more will enliven the underwater world.  Snorkeling, water skiing, windsurfing, surfing, and cruising around the island are all available to guests at luxury hotels in Phuket.

The other aspect of a Thailand vacation that is often attractive is being able to immerse oneself in an entirely different culture.  Thai people are generally reserved with strangers, but amidst their own culture they come alive holding important festivals and welcoming you to their country.  There is little better than learning about a new culture, while enjoying the luxury and serenity around you on a vacation.


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