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Thai politicians caught breaking rules face lifetime ban
Naughty politicians breaking rules on morals and ethics could face a lifetime ban from politics. The Consitutition Drafting Commission is planning the move as it says it wants to crack down on corruption and set the bar higher for Thai politicians …
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Zayn Malik's Next Direction
Handwritten on the door are the bar's “hours” (it never closes) and the message “I pissed inside.” The building appears to have been shot up by paintballs. …. Is music haram [sinful]?” One of Zayn's most routinely insightful chroniclers is Two Brown …
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Myrtle Beach Caddy Girls are on a mission
Tarmey was inspired to go on a mission trip by Caddy Girl Alexis Flotteron, who helped protect rare rhinoceros' from poachers last year in Africa and was recently in Thailand working on behalf of elephants. Tarmey was planning an individual volunteer …
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