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The Trouble With "It Girls"
Chloë Sevigny is sitting at one of the outdoor tables at Stingy Lulu's on St. Mark's Place just off Avenue A, absorbing a mixed green salad and devouring the just-out September Vogue. A black girl and an Asian girl huddle anxiously on the corner a few …
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Testing times: selective schools and tiger parents
The ambivalence about selective schools stems from the fact that enrolments, in our major cities at least, are overwhelmingly dominated by children of Asian backgrounds – "75 to 95 per cent" of whom are coached, according to the CEO of the Australian …
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Shaista Gohir: 'I wish the words shame and honour could be deleted'
Last year, the charity's harrowing report into the sexual exploitation of Asian girls was cited in the Jay report into the Rotherham scandal. More than 1,400 victims, most of whom were white, were said to have been attacked in the town by men, the …
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