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Remembering Edie Sedgwick
She was a girl who came far from her home to be something, and despite her problems, she succeeded. She was someone who understood life, not just a plastic baby doll model, the kind we have today. She had opinions. Opinions, thoughts and perception …
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'You can't hide it forever'
Her "nightmare" began in 2012 with a photo shoot for an advertisement aimed at convincing people to get plastic surgery at a Taiwanese cosmetic clinic. The photo showed very attractive "parents" with sought-after big eyes and long, well-defined noses …
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Model found hanged after fearing devout Muslim parents would force her into
But after she left home at 16, she began modelling, arranged photoshoots for other models and worked as a wedding planner and flower arranger. • Forced marriage: the survivors' tales. She met 25-year-old Umar Rasool in 2010 and they began dating …

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