Kerala Girls in Dubai

Where To Find Kerala Girls in Dubai

Kerala is situated in southern Indian and the main language spoken over there by Keralite is Malayalam.  Kerala is naturally very beautiful place with high mountains, lakes, rivers and many other natural scenes. The people of Kerala are very well educated.

Dubai is a second home to nearly half million Keralite expatriates.  Thousands of Kerala girls are working in Dubai. Most of these girls are very well educated and are employed on good posts. Majority of the people from India have desire to find a Kerala girl because she earns a lot of money, have good education and is  employed on attractive position as these girls have good qualification and education. So for instance if you marry Kerala girl, then obviously you will be lucky to be a husband of a woman, who is already well established, well settled in life, earning good salary and has a very appreciative job.

Specifications of Kerala Girls in Dubai

Kerala women in Dubai are committed, faithful, honest, hardworking, appreciative, non judgemental and live hearted. They have many good qualities such as innovation, family orientation, jubilation and loving spirit. They are extra ordinary intelligent, jolly and fun loving.

Some of the Keralite girls in Dubai are very reserved. When you see them in Dubai, you might see that these girls love their cultures and are wearing traditional Sarees, when they have days off. They love to follow their culture, customs and traditions. Things have started changing now recently. Some of these girls are getting quite modernised and they follow western clothes. You see those wearing tight jeans and t-shirts to expose themselves in a way to boys. They also appreciate boys to be following them. That is why Dubai Keralite girls will follow latest and designer western clothes.

Their favourite things to do include dinning out. Most of them will prefer to go to local Kerala restaurants. No matter how modern they are but they love their traditional food. So if you fancy Kerala girls, then it’s advisable to hang around local Kerala restaurants in Dubai; you might be lucky to meet one there. They also fancy going out to cinemas; you will see them in cinemas in Dubai which shows Malayalam movies. Shopping and most of the out door activities are their favourite things to do.

You can see there are two types of Kerala girls, one is quite moderate and other is westernised. The moderate one will prefer to meet someone for marriage because she doesn’t believe on any kind of physical relationship before marriage however the westernised type will love to meet someone for flirt and casual or temporary relationship. They like to have fun in life before they are finally settled down in life with husband. One thing I would like to mention here is that no matter which type of Kerala girl you meet, you will be lucky to have one because they are simply the best. She is a true woman. She can be very loving once she feels that you are sincere and faithful with her. Once this feeling exists, and then she is yours forever.

If you want to spot Kerala girls in Dubai, then Bar Dubai, Jumeirah Beach and Marina Dubai are the best places because most of them live in these areas. As Friday is a holiday in Dubai, this is the best day to meet them in these areas as most of them are out for dinning and shopping around those areas. is the best dating site of Dubai. This site has more than 3 million members fromDubai / UAE and around the globe. If you want to find love, romance and relationship, then this is the right place for you. If you are specifically looking for Kerala Girls inDubai, then look here.

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