How to Pick Up Girls – Depends On Where You Are Looking to Pick Her Up

One of the unsolved mysteries that keep hounding men is to know how to pick up girls. They are all over the place- clubs, bars, colleges, and parties, but the problem is that very few know the ways to pick up girls.

Much of picking up girls is all about where to find the type of girl you are interested in. The bar scene is much talked about and is in fact the most common place where men go to meet single women. The environment is light and defenses are down. Moreover, girls there are also looking to pick up men. Picking up girls at a bar is an art in its own right. You need to place yourself at a place where you can see everyone and also be seen by others. If a girl looks at you, make eye contact and smile and watch where she is going. If she happens to be with another man, you would do better to look elsewhere.

In many ways, the scene at a club or party is also the same. The difference, however, is that here, you are among friends, and girls there will expectedly have some level of trust in you, which makes it much easier to approach and pick up girls.

College girls are a different species altogether. They have a happy-go-lucky attitude towards life. Most of them have no inhibitions about talking to boys because at some point in time, they have been through a co-educational system. There is nothing like learning how to pick up girls in college because in a college scene, you cannot afford to use tricks or punch lines.

Most college girls have probably heard all there is to opening lines and trying to make an impression on the opposite sex. The best way to pick up girls from a college is to be truthful and try to build trust by talking and seeing if you can take it forward. Hiding or telling lies do not work here. She is going find out sooner than you think, and you obviously do not want to end up heartbroken, do you?

The internet has emerged as a convenient way to pick up girls too. You can open a chat account with MSN or Yahoo or any other messenger service. You will find many chat rooms full of girls looking for men. Choose a chat room according to the type of girls you want to meet. Just be careful about cyber frauds and be doubly sure before you reveal your true identity. You may set up accounts with more than one service to improve your chances of meeting girls. You may also want to register at some of the many dating websites online.

Learning how to pick up girls is not very complicated, but many men still lack the skill. There are many ‘picking up girls made easy’ type of books out there that teach you tips on picking up girls. However, a secret to pick up girls that no one will tell you is that there is no surefire way to pick up girls. It all depends on where you meet your kind of girl.

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