Go Team Go!

We all love to root on our favorite teams in many sports. From soccer to softball, fans that are passionate about their past-times support their teams in creative ways. Even followers of lacrosse and other team sports find ways to cheer on their favorite squads and players. Below are some ways to show team spirit for your team.


People that don’t know you personally can still see who your favorite team is by the use of a car decal. These signs come in many shapes and sizes, and can be designed for use on car windows, doors, and bumpers. Window decals are usually made with a plastic film that allows them to be removed easily while door decals can be made as stickers or magnets, with some being permanently fixed or painted onto the car. Bumper decals are also made as stickers. Decals will usually sport the team’s logo and colors, and some will have the team motto or another catchy traditional phrase.


Wearing team clothing is one of the most common forms of team support. From t-shirts to sweat suits, fans can usually find clothes with their teams’ logo in just about any form. Many people sport team jerseys with their favorite player’s name and number while some even purchase customized jerseys that may display their own nickname and number of choice. Team jackets are also popular, especially among students that want to represent their high school or college. Companies also design special socks and shoes with team colors and mascots for the die-hard fan. Hats have always been a good choice for team support, and you can find belts, watches, bracelets, and even earrings with your team’s logo.


If car decals and clothing isn’t your thing, advances in technology have allowed business to introduce many new products for fans to use to show support for their teams. You can find supplies such as pens, pencils, tape dispensers and notepads with team logos in many offices. Coffee mugs, cups and other kitchen items can also sport team colors and mascots. Some companies can also wrap bowling balls and pins with your favorite team’s images. Many other items can be personalized based on your preferences and they can be bought in department stores, specialty shops and through online retailers.

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