Girls and Golf

It is common to hear women express that they can’t accept an invitation to play golf because they are not good enough. Here, I’d say that it doesn’t matter. You can enjoy the game with score over 120.  You can follow the advices to accept golf invitation. You can do it as men.


Avoid Tournaments Where You Must Play & Count Every Stroke

During the early stages of learning the game, it just doesn’t make sense to be a stickler about rules – like counting every whiff and playing every bungled shot. So steer clear of these easily-avoided situations! Instead, look for tournaments with a scramble or best-ball format. Four-player team scrambles are very popular at corporate and charity golf events.


Play in Your Comfort Zone

It’s okay to feel like a beginner and announce it up front. Actually, it’s even better to describe yourself as an educated beginner. If on the course you have trouble keeping up with your golfing partners, be prepared to pick up your ball. Simply put it in your pocket and announce you will tee it up on the next hole. This is perfectly acceptable in casual golf games. If you are not finishing the hole, make yourself valuable by tending the flagstick when you get to the green.


Here’s how a scramble works. Each foursome usually has players of varying abilities. Each player in the foursome tees off, and then everyone hits again from the spot where the best of the team’s tee shots landed (that’s often the shot of one of the strongest players in your team). This is repeated down the fairway until all four balls are on the green, and then until one gets in the hole. (You only count your team’s best shots from the tee into the cup.) If you are a good driver, like Callaway X-24 Iron Set, you can end up as the star of your team, even if you miss fairway and tee shots.

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