Flirt With Girls – Strategies – How to Send Those Flirting Signals

Flirting with girls – ahh, the dream hobby. Everybody wants to get to the point where all they do is strut their way to a bar and girls flock around them as if they’re gods ready to be praised and desired. Of course, a very rare number lives the dream while a lot of average Joes get to be bystanders while the hot babes get snagged by the rest. Hey, why so miserable? Are you one of them? Are you forever trapped in your worries and anxieties, especially if it involves a girl/ Well, better get off your shell, my friend. You’re missing life, itself! Here are a few flirt with girls strategies you definitely shouldn’t miss:

Get caught looking at her. They say staring is rude (and annoying) but with flirting, everything’s possible. Look at her and wait for her to catch your eye. Chances are, she will divert hers or shyly give you fleeting glances. Maintain eye contact. Let her know you’re checking her out. When she gets a little fired up and maintains eye contact as well, that’s your cue to approach.
Grin with a secret. Always. It gives women a certain impression that you are full of surprises. Just grin. Don’t laugh (unless there’s really something funny) or smile from ear to ear. That’s just downright creepy. Grinning is a sign that you’re sociable and approachable, giving women the chance to feel at ease.
Kino escalation. Reach out and touch her. I’m not kidding. Get some guts, be a little daring and try to initiate intimacy this early. Of course it’s a little uncomfortable at first but as long as you don’t come in too strong or appear too threatening to her, go ahead and lessen the space between the two of you.
Avoid pick-up lines. At all costs. They’re history and most men have had their dose of a slap or two because of acting all too smooth around the ladies. Be original and try to be a little less traditional – act like yourself and talk like normal people do.
Sound mysterious. And appear mysterious. Yes, minus the cape. Being mysterious keeps women intrigued and curious about your whereabouts, so the more you act a little detached (but still all flirty around them) they will be wondering out of their wits who you really are and what you’re really up to. Isn’t that fun?

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