Dutch Woman Fakes Trip to Southeast Asia,

Southeast Asia

Dutch Woman Fakes Trip to Southeast Asia, Surfaces Universal Truth
Did you guys hear the one about the Dutch girl who faked a trip to Southeast Asia? Nope, that isn’t a joke, so the upside is there’s no terrible punch-line either. In truth, 25 year-old Zilla van den Born literally deceived her friends and family into …
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Miss America Crowns Dick Clark Productions As New Partner
“We want Miss America to be the new role model—the girl-next-door, educated, talented role model,” says Haskell. “As opposed to all the celebutantes who parents worry are girls’ role models.” Haskell, a gregarious Mississippi native, has been blue …
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The trap that too many still fall into
The auntie herself was Asian and brown. Women – especially … It’s heartbreaking that it is mothers who perpetuate this prejudice, the very women in whose hands lies the treatment of our future generations, and in particular the role models for young …
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