Custom Candy Buffet Bars and Wedding Candy Buffet Bars For Special Events

Candy, Candy, Candy! These days Candy seems to be everywhere. You go to a trade show and they give you Candy with business cards attached, you go to a wedding and you are given some Jordan Almonds in a cute container. It seems Candy Buffets have taken over the world of special events. Perhaps it is simply the fun nature of candy that brings anyone back to their childhood. People simply love candy! They love the nostalgia “Hey I haven’t had an Abba Zabba since I was a kid!” We love eating candy, sharing it, looking at amazing displays built by candy…It simply makes people smile

If you are looking for something affordable, whimsical, fun and always a conversation piece at your special event, wedding or Bat / Bar Mitzvah? Why not try a custom candy buffet bar? Candy buffets are always a unique centerpiece to a dessert table. Try something new rather then the usual party favor or wedding favors that will cost you anywhere between $ 4-$ 15. Candy Buffet Bars are generally $ 4.95-$ 7.95 per guest which includes a variety of beautiful candy filled glass candy jars in all shapes and sizes.

You can select your candy favorites and fill the jars up until they are overflowing. You can customize your Candy Buffet Bar to fit your theme or color scheme. Lately I have seen L.E.D. lights, props, florals and candles used to decorate candy buffet tables. You can also customize goodie bags, take-out boxes or other to go containers with labels, ribbons, etc. There are also fantastic companies who specialize in creating Custom Candy Buffet’s that are spectacular and become a show piece to your event!

Candy Buffets are perfect for Weddings, Engagement Parties, Wedding Showers, Birthdays, Bat & Bar Mitzvahs, Sweet Sixteens, Quincenieras, Anniversaries, Holiday Parties, Corporate Events, Grad Nights etc. Candy Displays are simply- deliciously fantastic and fun!
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