Asian Girls and Chinese Girls


On the dating and P.U.A scene Chinese girls are often lumped together with other Asian girls. This is actually a big mistake, and one that will lead to some serious confusion. Having dated Chinese girls, Japanese girls and Thai girls, not to mention knowing quite a few females from most other major Asian countries, I have to say, Chinese girls are exceptionally different!
Why is this the case? Well, whereas most Asian countries have for many years been exposed to a great deal of western thought and culture, China in fact, has not. China is developing at an incredible rate, but the change in culture continues to move at a snails pace.
Many Chinese girls retain a sense of awe around westerners that the women from other Asian countries rarely have. Yet, due to their lack of exposure Chinese females and western males can have severe trouble bridging the cultural/relationship gap.
This can lead to all kinds of difficulties that can cause problems for years if it’s not dealt with in the beginning!
If you are not looking for long-term relationships with Chinese women then there are still certain cultural nuances you should be paying attention to in order to increase your conversion rate.
1. Almost all Chinese females will choose stability over fun any day (this is not true for Japanese, or Thai girls for that matter).
2. Chinese women can be ultra-pragmatic even in relationships (most other Asian females are not like this).
3. A Chinese female regards a fashionable male as much more desirable than even a western woman would.
4. Many Chinese females cannot enjoy sex until they are taught how to (I can assure you this is not the case with Japanese or Thai females!)
5. A Chinese female on a date acts almost the same as every other Chinese female on a date. It certainly makes things much easier if you know the right culturally accepted moves to play!
In short, Chinese girls are Asia’s odd ones out because they have retained certain cultural aspects that the other major Asian countries have not. This seriously affects things when dating them, yet they retain an amazing sense of loyalty and devotion that the other Asian girls in my experience do not!

Sam C Reeves has lived in China for over eight years. If you would like to know more about Asian Girls and Chinese Girls go to and check out some facts a man must know before dating a Chinese girl!

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