TV Bars – A 20 Year Comparison From Cheers to Fangtasia

Throughout time, the local brewing establishment has been the place to go for food, fun and spirits. We outline the most famous TV bars over the past twenty years where our favorite TV characters congregate.

Cheers was famous in the ’80s for establishing a constant place where people go at the end of the day for refreshing beverages and sparkling conversation. A cultural icon of that period, Cheers had a massive following as it took place in Beantown and kept the audience engaged with comic banter and rolling punch lines.

Fangtasia is a hip club with heavy metal and hard rock cover music that sits in warehouse in Shreveport, Louisiana. A Red and Black high energy bar where vampires and mortal humans mix and share a libations, this main location is a centerpiece for story lines and mixed race interactions for the Showtime series True blood.

Moe’s Tavern – Homer plops his butt at Moe’s tavern on a regular basis. The animated bar in the Simpsons series is a notable part of the show that imitates real life dives in any small American town. The regulars seemingly live at Moe’s as many barflies do when they have no life…

The Bada Bing – A strip club where Tony Soprano did many business deals. An optimal setting for mob related activities and conducting “family business”. The Bada Bing is a well known icon of the series franchise.

Joy Blue – A jazzy club that was frequented by the four ladies in the Sex and the City series. Cosmopolitans and martinis were the favorite drinks that were consumed regularly. Many relationships were analyzed and opinions given between the sexy ladies. Funny how they always had a table, I guess that’s Hollywood.

In summary, TV bars have been used as the main location or a frequent spot to enhance the series familiar tones and character within the shows. As a backdrop, TV bars have been and will be used as a standard place of doing business or cultivating relationships. This article tends to lend some focus to a standard tool that will forever be an institution on TV.

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