The Best Bars In The World – Tokio Hotel, Sydney, Australia – Review

Well, it may be a part of Home The Venue, but in no way is Tokio Hotel anything like it’s big brother next door. While Home draws the crowds of all teens and twenty-somethings across Sydney, Tokio Hotel draws a far more diverse group of people from businessmen to fresh clubbers.


Tokio Hotel hosts a minimalist design, with plenty of simple and elegant pieces of décor. My favourite thing about walking into this spot was the cool lighting that hung over the bar: aside from this, everything else was a little difficult to see when the lighting was turned down extra low. However, I also noticed the bartenders wearing funky headwear which added a little bit of uniqueness to the bar: just don’t get confused and think that there is some sort of special event on like I did!


I did have an issue with how small the place was though: it was hard to get around on a Saturday night when all the seats felt jammed together. There was no real indoor-outdoor flow that should come with a bar on Darling Harbour such as Watershed or Cohibar – instead, the outside and inside felt cramped and the outdoor seating didn’t feel sufficient enough for a location on the waterfront. When I wanted to go sit outside I couldn’t, because the few seats that were there were always (and I mean always) taken by someone else, and this can get a little frustrating if it’s a hot night.


What really sets Tokio Hotel apart from places like Watershed or Cohibar though is its entertainment. Tokio Hotel has an arty entertainment vibe which is great for catching the hottest local artists…and by artists, I don’t just mean musicians. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays Tokio Hotel holds EMBRACE, where artists and musicians rock up to share their talents. Thursdays host blues night, while Friday has an infusion of Moulin Rouge and boho to create an interesting experience. Live music is always a reason to come here because you get that atmosphere that you just can’t find when a DJ is rocking a dancefloor.


With that being said, Tokio Hotel is definitely not the dancing type of bar. It’s a place to catch up on the new artists, unwind with a few drinks, or have some pre-drinks before going to Home Bar. Views of the waterfront means that you can come here with mates to relax, or bring a date here for a couple of drinks and romantic background music. Also, like I said before, the type of people here varies all the time so don’t always expect to find the niche groups or crazy clubbers that you can find at other nightclubs.


Tokio Hotel is an experience that is altogether interesting: it provides a funky vibe, and a good, chilled out night. However, if live entertainment isn’t your thing then skip it and head straight to Home, where I’m sure you’ll feel right at home on the dance floor.



By Kelly Teng for Sydney Bars and Function Rooms

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