Thai Junta Appoints Charter Drafting Committee

Thai Junta Appoints Charter Drafting Committee
Thailand's military-installed government appointed a committee on Tuesday to draft the country's new constitution amid speculation that it will seek to bar former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra and his allies from politics. The 36-member panel …
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Tourists in Thailand Are Traveling to See Suffering Burmese Migrants
People in numerous camps, including Mae La, the country's largest-it was established 30 years ago outside a town called Mae Sot and is now home to about 50,000 refugees-will soon be asked to go back "home" to Burma, and if the government has its way …
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Family Thais
Murff: Full bar. We really look at it as our bar is more of a food bar because most people eat there. … Sutthiwari: And then to go back, I think consistency is what we hear a lot (from customers), is that we love your stuff and the consistency. They …
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