Picking Up Girls in Bars Like Mystery

Picking up girls is all about finding something that can get you in the door. If you just approach a girl normally with a lame pickup line, you’re probably going to get shot down. If the girl you’re approaching isn’t that cute and you’re pretty good-looking, you can probably do whatever you want and still go home with them. However, you don’t want an average or an ugly girl to go home with. You want to take home the smoking hot girl that is friends with other smoking hot girls.

You want to be the envy of every guy in the bar when you leave with the most beautiful girl there. You don’t want to have to settle for someone that doesn’t excite you. So how can you get in with a beautiful girl like that? Magic. That’s right, magic. Not the cheesy kind of magic that you see at the circus, we’re talking about cool pick up magic.

How does magic help you to pick up girls? One of the main things that it does is it catches the girls off-guard. You’re not like the last 30 guys that have approached her. You’re doing something that totally blows her mind. You’ve tapped into a sense of wonder in her that has not been seen in a while.

When you successfully pull off a magic trick with a girl, she automatically pulls down all of her natural defense mechanisms. The really beautiful girls have naturally built up these defense mechanisms over years of being hit on by every guy in the world. They automatically tune you out when you start talking unless you set yourself apart. Magic is all about setting yourself apart and taking down the barriers between you and beautiful girls.

We’re not talking about pulling a rabbit out of a hat or bringing a deck of cards with you to the bar. We’re talking about tricks that you can do anywhere spontaneously. You’ll be able to use whatever is around you to perform a trick that no one saw coming.

You don’t want to look like you’re trying to impress anyone with magic tricks here. If you give off that vibe, she’ll treat you like a street performer and keep on moving. You want to be the guy that she’s never seen before and wants to know better. With magic, you can definitely be that guy.

When you learn how to do magic tricks, you’ll feel much more confident in yourself. You’ll never get to a bar and not know what to say to a girl. You’ll get comfortable with some tricks to fall back on and you’ll always know what to do. This will help you throughout the pickup process.

Overall, picking up girls is all about being unique and creative. You have to be completely different from the other guys in the club and you have to be confident. Magic is simply a way to be creative and create confidence in your game.

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