Nigeria, India and Spain found to be the best destinations for a British education [Interactive Map]

London, United Kingdom (PRWEB UK) 15 August 2014

Expat & Offshore have created the most comprehensive map of primary and secondary schools around the world offering the British curriculum. Nigeria, Pakistan, India, and Spain have the highest number of British schools outside of the UK.

Nigeria, Pakistan, India, and Spain have the highest number of schools offering the British curriculum outside of the UK.
Over 40 British schools in Nigeria, Pakistan, India and Spain.
View an interactive map of British schools around the world here:
This map is the most comprehensive currently available.
The most comprehensive map of primary and secondary schools around the world offering the British curriculum has just recently gone live. It was created as a resource for British expat families who want an easy transition between their home and host countries.

Parents moving to the Commonwealth countries of Nigeria, Pakistan, India will find the greatest coverage of schools – all of these countries have over 40 schools to choose from. Other popular British expat destinations, such as Spain, France, Germany and the UAE, also have a high number of schools.

The map and full list of schools can be viewed at

This interactive map contains over 1,000 schools, with information about each school’s address, website, contact number and student population. Thailand, Australia and the UAE have the highest average student populations, whereas schools in Europe generally have a lower average size.

The British school system is one of the most highly-regarded in the world and is taught in almost every country (barring a few in central Africa). A British curriculum follows the early stages and key stages 2 to 5, at the end of which students sit their GCSE or Cambridge IGCSE exams. These qualification are recognised by all higher institutions in the UK, hence why they are so attractive to British parents.

Families moving to Nigeria, Pakistan, India, and Spain can expect to find the most choice when it comes to British schools, as can those moving to countries such as Germany, France and the UAE. However there are relatively few British schools in Australia, Canada and the USA. This is due to the fact that the USA and Australia expect incoming foreign students to adhere to their own national curriculums, which are also exported around many parts of the globe.

Alasdair Akass, the Director of Development at The British School of Paris, says a “British education has a worldwide reputation for quality and is synonymous with academic excellence both in schools and universities. At the British School of Paris, our mix of the National Curriculum of England and Wales, coupled with a strong, first-class pastoral system is an approach to education which is unique in France and many other countries outside the UK. In an increasingly competitive employment climate, the experience of a British education gives the best possible demonstration to employers of well-rounded, confident and intellectually curious individuals.”

Many schools see the English educational model as the best in the world, but these schools also aim to ensure their students retain an international outlook. A spokesperson for the British School of Valencia says, ‘our teaching and training activities reinforce the ties between Spanish and British culture, encouraging the integration of our students, and stimulating the person from the academic and personal point of view. In the Secondary Education stage, students prepare to sit their IGCSE and GCE “A” Levels. In both cases, they may choose from a wide array of subjects oriented towards offering broad academic and personal education that will guarantee success in later university studies.’

28-year-old Rachel Young is a teacher at a British school in Abu Dhabi. According to her, “for kids coming from UAE private British schools, the targets are set very high. Usually if they have done well in the UAE they appear to be on a par with their peers when they come back to the UK.”

Jeshad Palkhiwalla, a UK native, attended Good Shepherd International School (GSIS) in Ootacamund, South India. Although his parents enrolled him in a school that offered the British curriculum, there were some big differences with the UK: “having lived in the UK for 10 years, it was difficult to adjust to the schooling culture in India. I found the school to be very disciplined – being struck by a cane was very common. The biggest problem was being confined within a campus for 4/5 months. It felt like I was secluded away from the world. I really missed keeping up to date with general news in the UK and sport. The school had only just introduced teaching the International GCSE syllabus. I think some subjects they could teach well, whereas others were not taught so well. I think if my parents had seen the GCSE results of the 1st batch of students, they would have placed more consideration into whether the school was good or not.”

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