Muay Thai Basics

Most MMA fighters used the method of Muay Thai in striking their opponent. Muay Thai is known for its powerful strike which can cause a devastating damage to the target. This art is consisting of both punches and kicks. If you want to learn this form of art, it would be better if you go to Thailand and practice the Muay Thai’s way of fighting and discipline. Make sure you have a professional trainer guiding you in every method that you are training with. However, if you want to know the basics and learn it through reading, this article will surely help you. Training Muay Thai can be done at home. Here are the basic moves that will certainly help you in developing your Muay Thai skills.

The Stance
This is the first lesson that you need to learn in Muay Thai. Compared to traditional boxing this art’s stance is larger. Your stance should be squarer against your adversary, together with your shoulder on the same line. This kind of stance is essential to support your kicks. This kind of stance will help you block your opponent’s kicks and punches. Learning this stance is simple. Slightly bend your knees and stand with your feet and shoulder width apart. If you are a left hander fighter then you need to step your right leg forward. If you are a right hander then you need to step your left leg forward.

The Punch
In Muay Thai punches, you are required to use your back leg to support your punch. The back leg should push your body forward. This will aid you on executing a powerful punch. When you are throwing punches, always make sure to keep your hands up. This will help you reposition your hands after every attack. In addition, making your hands up all the time will help you block your opponents attack with lesser effort.

Jab Across and Straight Punch
This combination of punches is very effective for inflecting a devastating damage to your opponent. A jab is a kind of punch wherein, you need to throw it straight to the face of your opponent. If you are a right hander, you may use your left leg slightly forward to support your straight punch. To jab across twist your body and throw a strong right punch to your opponent’s face. For Left hander, do opposite as how the right hander executes it. Balance is very important when executing this technique.

The Hooks
To effectively execute the hook, you will need to coordinate with your hips. Your hips will give the power for your hook. When using the hips, make sure your body torque is strong enough, the stronger your body torque the greater the damage you can throw. The key to this technique lies to the coordination of the hands and hips. Make sure to keep your elbow at the same level with your hands to maintain the power and balance.

Certainly, Muay Thai methods are the best offensive techniques. The power of Muay Thai attacks is greater than any martial arts attack. If you master this art, you will be able to gain self confidence and discipline. This is very crucial for every MMA fighter.

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