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One million tonnes and counting: Phuket's garbage 'mountain'
… may have expertise in the administration of Thailand's army, but I do not believe it is transferable to the subject of waste management. It was rather painful to read that he has "selected Phuket as a model province for garbage and toxic waste …
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Thailand may gets iPhone 6 Oct 24
The quoted retail prices for the iPhone 6 are also higher than historically charged for iPhone 4S and iPhone 5S models with the same amount of storage. Another industry source said this week that Thailand could have been among the countries to receive …
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You Call This Thai Food? The Robotic Taster Will Be the Judge
So far, the committee has approved about 10 recipes, three of which have been published on the Thai Delicious app. But the tasting machine is the real novelty. Nakah Thawichawatt, a businessman who is trying to commercialize it, hopes to sell models …
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