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Ken Jeong: 'If It Wasn't for Fresh Off the Boat, Dr. Ken Wouldn't Be on the Air'
My girls are 8 years old—they're fraternal twins—and to see them laugh at my character's son's jokes is pretty fulfilling. Your character … There aren't that many Asian-American families on television—ABC is also home to Fresh Off the Boat. Does …
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'Sanatan did not hypnotise us'
The Sanatan Sanstha accepted that the girls were in touch with them after they left homes and a Sri Ram Sene activist had brought two of them to Mumbai for the press conference. On the other side, anti-superstition activist Shyam Manav reiterated his …
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Anita Rani shocked at brutality of Indian 1947 partician
"Our father rejected their demand and said 'No, we won't give you our girls to save ourselves. Rather than let our girls succumb to this shame, we will kill them ourselves and hope they forgive us'." Rani, who described herself as "not a traditional …
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