How To Pick Up Girls Without Going To Bars And Clubs

There are so many places to go to see beautiful women outside of bars and nightclubs. It is almost impossible to walk around a shopping mall without seeing gorgeous women everywhere. Coffee shops are another popular haunt for single women. Very often, around lunch time, it will be so busy that sharing a table is common. This is a great opportunity to strike up conversation with a girl. A library seems an unlikely place to go searching for a date but it is a fact that women outnumber men by a considerable margin in these cathedrals of knowledge.


In order to know how to pick up girls without going to bars or night clubs, establishing target locations is essential. Not only where to go but also when to go. Generally in shopping malls lunch time is the best as women are on their break and wandering around the shops. Also remember that there are plenty of beautiful girls working in the stores which allows a perfect excuse to interact with them


Knowing how to attract women is easy once you have isolated potential pulling places.


Once this has been achieved the next step is to know how to talk to women. If by chance a coffee shop is full, find a girl to sit with. Once sharing a table, strike up a conversation. Initially talk about her favorite coffee, what does it taste like, smell like. Women like descriptive talk and even more so if it can be compared sexually. The cream on the top of her cappuccino, the cherry on top of her black forest latte, the list is endless. Food and drink is the ideal topic to share hot conversation.


Knowing how to talk to girls is imperative if you want the opportunity of a date. Women are unlikely to be attracted to the stereotypical guy who walks up and delivers a one liner and then proceeds to ask for a contact number. Women want stimulating conversation with a confident guy who can also lead the conversation intelligently.


When in a shopping mall it is even easier to talk to women as many of them are shop assistants. Once a target is established, pick up a dress, bottle of perfume, necklace almost any women’s product will do, and take it to the assistant and explain that it is a female relations birthday and would like their opinion on the potential gift as they seem the same type as the relation. Ask her if there is anything else in the store that she thinks may be suitable. This will also give you an insight into what she likes which may prove very useful in the future.


By following these simple steps it will be a piece of cake and will demonstrate how easy it is to know how to get girls.


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