How to Date an Asian Women – Your First Date with an Asian Girl

First piece of advice for what to do with an Asian girl on a first date

For a first date with an Asian girl you can’t go wrong with a restaurant. Asian women do not like cheap guys though so make sure you bring her to a decent restaurant. No fast food joints. There would be absolutely nothing wrong with taking an Asian girl to a Japanese or Chinese restaurant but as a safe bet you should ask her what type of food she prefers.

Should I bring some sort of gift to an Asian girl for the first date?

This is also highly recommended and again a good safe bet here will always be flowers, roses or orchids. Bring the flowers in a vase this makes the gift more practical. Asian women are very practical minded and intelligent. By giving flowers with the vase even after the flowers die she will still have the vase as a gift to keep.

Asian Women take Dating Seriously

Another fact about Asian women that you want to keep in mind is that he Asian girls take the whole process of dating very seriously. Although in many countries including the United States dating is often viewed as a casual event which will culminate in somebody to hang out with or become physical with or perhaps a serious relationship will develop from it. As far as Asian women are concerned the only purpose for dating is to find a suitable lifemate for marriage.

Punctuality on your date with an Asian girl

Another strong value for Asian women is honor and respect. If you show up late for your date with her especially if it’s the first or second day she will see that as an act of dishonor and will be viewed with much insult.

When you first pick up your Asian date…

when you first pick up your Asian date in your car (having your own car is a must) one of the first things you can do to show that you are both sensible and intelligent as well as take her seriously is ask her to put her seatbelt on. Also don’t drive fast or dangerously because you think this will look cool. This may impress girls from some countries but as mentioned above Asian girls are very practical and if you pull a stunt like that it will be a turn-off to her.

Asian women love chivalry

When it comes to dating any Asian women are very old-fashioned and they very much appreciate and even expect acts of chivalry. So make sure you do things like hold doors open for her open and closed the car door for her and other acts of chivalry like that.

Where to meet Asian girls if you don’t have a date with one yet

If you don’t yet have a date with an Asian girl here is a list of Asian dating websites that is totally free for you to visit now.

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