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Pull Girls

Yes guys, it’s possible to pull girls with ease, and it simply does not matter what you look like or how old you are. I’m a very skinny guy and in my thirties, I hadn’t even kissed a girl up until two years ago, I used to be an AFC (Average Frustrated Chump). However now

Approach Girls

Approach girls in a way that attracts their interest, approach in a way that tells them that your a confident Alpha Male – and watch the incredible response. Girls are attracted to important dominant men, so when your approaching a girl remember that your body language must show her this. Lets take a closer look

Flirt With Girls – Strategies – How to Send Those Flirting Signals

Flirting with girls – ahh, the dream hobby. Everybody wants to get to the point where all they do is strut their way to a bar and girls flock around them as if they’re gods ready to be praised and desired. Of course, a very rare number lives the dream while a lot of average